YoungJi USA is the North American office for the YoungJi design and production plant located in southern China. A new business model will provide factory direct pricing to the market and US support will make the technical support and service side of the relationship very smooth for North American customers. There are two principals behind this new spin on a long term relationship.


President US Operations
Bob has 27 years of experience in the membrane switch industry working closely with customers to understand their product, market, and end customer needs to determine the best choice design and material selection for their human-machine interface. Bob has extensive experience in technical sales in the printed electronics market and has spent time in China working closely with YoungJi at the factory and travelling throughout China to offices and plants tied to US based customers. “I’m extremely excited to build this business with Richard and the YoungJi factory. My role in the US is to identify and work with customers to use YoungJi’s design team and factory to design and build very high quality human-machine interface solutions. We are providing a cost-effective business model that is different than what is in place in the market today.”


Owner, CEO

Richard has been in the membrane switch industry since its inception back in the early 80’s. His original factory was established in Korea in the mid-80’s and Richard saw the world moving to a Low Cost Country approach and he established a factory in Zhongshan City, China, in 2000. He has built the team in China to 350+ people serving customers direct in Asia as well as in the US and Europe via membrane switch company partners in each of those areas. “We saw an opportunity to change our path to market in the US by establishing a US office there. We are looking forward to securing new opportunities with this ‘factory direct’ model. We know the value we can bring the market and have a 15 year history of supplying US OEMs indirectly through partners and now we look forward to bringing the YoungJi name to the market.”

All parts are designed and built in the YoungJi factory in Zhong Shan City, China. Parts are then transported to the YoungJi Hong Kong office for air or sea transport to the US customer.