Design Features

YoungJI also has a full array of product design features in the membrane switch, touch screen assembly, and capacitive sensor product areas. We know the right questions to ask to assure that the correct materials and the needed features are built into your design for a user friendly, durable keypad that fits your application:

Graphic Overlay Features

The graphic overlay provides the outer surface that the user will interface with. It needs to look good and be durable as well. The right material choice is critical and the use of colors, gradient printing, and embossing can all enhance the user experience and upgrade the look of the panel. We will work with you to incorporate the right choices.

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Tactile feedback – metal & polyester domes

For a preferred user experience, many membrane switches are designed with tactile feedback so there is a physical click that the user feels when pressing a key. Metal domes are most commonly used and offer positive feedback in a variety of diameters. In some cases a polyester dome is preferred and those designs tend to have the dome formed in the overlay rather than the switch layers. We offer both types of domes and can assist in making the right choice.

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LED backlighting

LED Lighting provides a visual experience that will make your user experience more intuitive. LEDs are embedded in the switch construction and for basic lighting LEDs are positioned next to a key or in the corner of a key to show that a function is engaged. Machine status can also be relayed by having an LED window next to a line of text. A variety of LED colors are available to help further define (red for off, green for on, etc.). LEDs can also be used to light up icons and text rather than just using a small window next to the text. LEDs can also be designed in with light guide films to backlight button text and/or button borders. We offer a variety of designs to incorporate LEDs into your panel.

Rubber keypad assemblies

For some applications a rubber button may be a preferred button style versus a printed polyester overlay. Rubber buttons can be molded into any shape and height and are often preferred when users will have gloves. The combination of a sealed membrane switch with metal domes and a rubber overlay for the buttons can be a pleasing choice. There will be a one time tooling charge that is required for the rubber portion of the design.

complete electronic assemblies

If you are interested in receiving complete assembly rather than just the membrane switch then we can work with you to design and build additional parts of the assembly (metal plates, printed circuit board assemblies, plastic housings, wire harnesses, etc.). Some customers prefer to place a single PO and receive a finished assembly rather than placing multiple POs to multiple vendors for final assembly at the customer site. We have a network of great partners to aid in the design and build of these value added assemblies.

touchscreen & capacitive switches

More and more user interface applications are moving away from membrane switches and using touchscreen assemblies. We have in house clean room lamination to take resistive and capacitive touchscreens and incorporate them into a finished assembly. We can utilize a preferred screen if you have one or we can work with our partner, AM Touch, to secure a screen. We also can provide printed capacitive sensors utilizing a variety of conductive inks including transparent inks that are beneficial for applications where backlighting is required.

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printed electronic sensors

display modules

We offer a packaged display module for customers that are looking for a finished display. If this is your interest, please contact us for further information.

If you have general questions or a project that is ready for quote, we are here to help!

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